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Lykus DBP-100U DJI Phantom Backpack Packing Guide

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

We thought it is fairly straightforward to pack the Phantom drones and accessories in our backpack. But, it turns out this functional backpack has so many compartments and customizable divisions; although users can use them at will, sometimes they may not make the full use of the space. So, we made this tutorial video as a reference, yet it's never our intention to limit your cleverness to explore different ways to store stuff. Now check this short video out.

A few things to emphasize in the video:

1. Put accessories in before the drone itself. You can see that if you put the drone in first it will be a hurdle to putting batteries or other items in the side pockets.

2. The buckle on the safety strap (fastened on the drone) is not the usual side-release buckle. You can just press the buckle panel to release it.

3. As it's captioned, when sliding the zipper of the front compartment, you'd better bend the cover so that you can smoothly pull up the slider.

Well, it's still that easy to pack this backpack. Now pack up and enjoy your DJI Phantom-outing!


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