Lykus M1 Travel Backpack is specially designed for DJI Mavic 2, Mavic Pro and its peripherals. The space and pockets provided can ideally meet the demands of a short flying-and-shooting day trip. Compared to hard cases, this backpack has more capacity and is more comfortable to carry.


Why buy this backpack?


- Materially and Structurally Strong

In contrast to regular bags of similar size, this backpack's body is furnished with hard EVA material. Besides, the main π-shaped dividers and other sub-dividers inside are like walls that support a house; items in the backpack are thus securely stored. Even with a full container of water on it, the backpack cannot be squeezed at all.


- Nicely Organize Mavic and Accessories

Except for the intended spaces for the drone body, controller, and chargers, the bag comes with a mixed variety of hard and soft velcro dividers that allows you to adjust the space according to the items you have. Propellers, iPad, and small pieces are stored in the two pockets on the back of the cover. This entire arrangement securely holds all items and enables you to efficiently pick them.


- Just the Right Size for a Light Trip

As a Mavic user, you probably take on many short trips near home or during traveling and fly the drone.


For example, you are at a hotel near the ocean and want to shoot a video of the beach from the air. With this backpack, you can not only take drone and peripherals, but also put in your phone, wallet, room keys, sunglasses, sun cream, drinks, etc. The front pockets are just what you need for these trips.


- Carry It However You Want

The backpack comes with a fixed handle and two detachable straps – a backpack strap and a shoulder bag/cross-body bag strap – that you can easily hook to the main bag and convert the bag into the perspective form. When you are on a car road trip, you can simply grab it as a case. When you go hiking in the nature, backpack is the optimal form. In a causal style, shoulder bag or cross body bag might work well and look good; you can also easily reach your items in the front pocket when carrying the bag.


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Lykus M1 Backpack for DJI Mavic

SKU: DBM-100
    • Hard exterior and dividers inside prop up the backpack and soundly protect the Mavic and accessories like other cases
    • Compact size yet it fits the entire Mavic Fly More Combo parts and more batteries, propellers, iPad, and items of your choice
    • Four forms – backpack, case, shoulder bag, and cross body bag – flexibly suit different travel occasions and personal preferences
    • Front pocket and side pockets can store personal items such as keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, power bank, and so on
    • Enclosed anti-water cover protects the backpack from getting wet