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NOTE: Drone and accessories are not included with the purchase.


Lykus M2 travel backpack inherits part of the design from M1 to firstly secure the space for DJI Mavic drones and accessories from the Fly More Combo; and then it expands the capacity and functionality to store camera, lenses, tripod, laptop and accessories. The backpack maintains the same Lykus high quality in materials and production. For DJI Mavic pilots and photographers, M2 backpack is the ideal companion for your trips to capture the beauty in life.

Lykus M2 Backpack for Photography

SKU: DBM-200
    • Continuing the success of Lykus M1 backpack, M2 also centers on DJI Mavic drones and can meet the demand of more professional drone pilots who are also photographers
    • Hard exterior and dividers inside prop up the backpack and soundly protect the Mavic drone, camera, lenses, and accessories
    • Large capacity and velcro dividers allows you to flexibly configure the layout and fit different combinations of equipment – just drone, drone + camera, or just camera
    • Tripod, as an essential tool for certain shoots, can be hung on the side of the backpack. Laptop pocket is available so that users can quickly store, edit, and share photos and videos on the laptop
    • Enclosed anti-water cover can protect the backpack from getting wet
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