Lykus Titan MM100 foam is designed to fit the Mavic Mini Fly More Kit. It can hold up to 6 batteries (one on the drone), remote controller, propeller guards charging hub, power adapter, filters, propellers, and other accessories. Pilots can put Mavic Mini in the case with propeller guards on, making it really convenient to fly the drone instantly.

Lykus Titan MM100 Case for DJI Mavic Mini

    • Fit the Mavic Mini, up to 6 batteries, remote controller, propeller guards, charger, charging hub, propellers, filters, and other accessories in the Fly More Combo
    • SGS certified IP67 water- and dust-proof allows users to safely carry Mavic Mini to outdoor environments with water and dust
    • CNC precision-cut foam is made of a special EVA foam, which is more elastic than traditional EVA to provide better absorption of pressure and shock
    • High-quality hard case made of PP material provides strong protection against physical collision
    • Dimension: 15.16 x 14.09 x 5.51 in / 38.5 x 35.8 x 14 cm  Net Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg
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