Lykus RS2 is a must-have backpack for DJI Ronin-SC owners. Since the Ronin -SC is always paired with a mirrorless camera, having a backpack to keep all devices in one place and carry them around is ideal for users.

Lykus RS2 Backpack for DJI Ronin-SC

SKU: RSB-200
    • Easily store and carry the foam box that comes in the package of DJI Ronin-SC (The box is not included with this purchase). NOTE: THE FOAM BOX CAN STORE BALANCED RONIN-SC!!!
    • Top compartment can fit camera and one or two lenses, as well as camera accessories
    • More items such as phone, keys, wallet, and snacks can be put in the pockets on the top and in the front. Laptop or tablet goes to the large pocket in the back
    • Soft back pads and wide shoulder straps minimize the pressure so that users can shoot while carrying the backpack
    • Enclosed anti-water cover can protect the backpack from getting wet
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