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Lykus Titan MM100 Waterproof Case
Titan MM100 case is designed for Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, especially the propeller guards in the combo. Since Mavic Mini is positioned as a everyday flycam, pilots will fly it very often. Because of this fact, our case can store Mavic Mini unfolded, even with propeller guards on, which allows pilots to quickly take it out and put it back. The case aims for the best use experience and protection for Mavic Mini.
Creative Foam Design
MM100 can hold up to 6 batteries (one on the drone), remote controller, propeller guards, charging hub, power adapter, and other accessories.
Easy to Pick and Pack
It's just that handy, saving the time of folding and unfolding the Mavic Mini. Having the propeller guards on is always reassuring no matter it's indoor or outdoor.
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When propeller guards are installed and closing the case, the lid will put some pressure on the guards. Since the guards are made of elastic plastic and the sponge is soft, rest assured that this will not cause damage to the guards and drone.

Special Foam with Better Protection
The foam is made of costly EVA material and sculptured using CNC precision cut. It has better shock absorption than regular EVA material to reduce the pressure on gears. Moreover, it can adapt to the shape of the object inserted into the cavity.
Reliable IP67 Waterproof
The case is IP67 waterproof and is certified by SGS and ISO14001. At this level, theoretically the case can be submerged in water within 1 meter from water level. Thus, users can be comfortable taking the case to wet environments such as lake or sea.
6 Features You Can't Resist
Anti-Scratch Surface
The surface of the case is rendered smooth with pattern to prevent minor scratches, which keeps the case looking intact during use.
Padlock Hole Available
The hole has a diameter of 0.3 in / 0.75 cm, and there are two holes on each side. Users can apply a regular or Customs padlock to the case.
Silicon Rubber Handle
The handle is covered by silicon rubber to give you a comfortable and firm grip, even if your hand is sweaty or the handle is wet.
One Entire Hinge
This is an important feature when choosing cases. One-hinge cases are more costly and complicated in creating the mold vs. two-hinge cases, and thus connecting the lid and container in a more solid way.
Easy-to-Use Latch
The latch has a press button and a pull lever to open and close the case. Unlike other cases that require some strength to pull the latch, this case costs almost no effort to open and close
Solid and Sturdy
Because of its material and structure, the case can withhold reasonable pressure and shock. It can also be used as takeoff and landing platform for drones.


  • Model: DCP-MM100

  • Dimension (Length x Width x Depth): 15.16 x 14.09 x 5.51 inch / 38.5 x 35.8 x 14 cm

  • Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg

  • Compatible Drone Model: 

       DJI Mavic Mini

  • Package Contents: 
    Lykus Titan MM100 case

  • Lifetime limited warranty

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