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Every pilot goes into the wild and explore the world from the above. Every aerial creator takes on adventures to record the moments of beauty. Lykus has helped pilots in over 30 countries conveniently carry their drones, cameras, and stabilizers in the field. Now let us see and hear your experience with Lykus bags or cases by signing up the following "Share-and-Win" program.

Program Description

Tell a story of one of your past shooting trips where you use a Lykus bag or case, or simply share your experience of using a Lykus bag or case. Post the content in one or more of the following venues:

  • Drone forums such as

  • Product review on the website from which you purchased the bag or case

  • Drone or photography groups on social media such as DJI Mavic group on Facebook

Fill out below form to sign up. Once you created your post, send the web link or screenshot to to win an Amazon gift card or monetary reward via Paypal.

Reward Details

  • A pure-text post will receive a $10 reward

  • A post with text and pictures will receive a $20 reward

  • A post with high-quality pictures or a video will receive $30 reward

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