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NOTE: Quest 3/Quest 2 and accessories are NOT included with the purchase.


  • STORAGE - Fit Quest 3/Quest 2 with the stock head strap or official elite head strap, controllers, charger, and charging cable
  • INTERNAL PROTECTION - CNC precision-cut foam is made of a special type of EVA, which is more elastic than traditional EVA to provide better absorption of pressure and shock
  • EXTERNAL PROTECTION - Case is made of Polypropylene material and provides strong protection against shock and pressure
  • IP67 WATERTIGHT - SGS certified IP67 rating keeps it safe even the case drops into water
  • CONVENIENCE - Compact size and easy to carry around
  • Dimension: 14.2x10.2x5.7 in / 36x26x14.4 cm | Net Weight: 3.7 lbs/1.7 kg

OQ200 Case for Meta Oculus Quest 3/Quest 2

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