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Lykus Revealed A New 4-in-1 Bag for DJI Mavic Pro

Irvine Calif. – Lykus, an innovative provider of drone carry and storage solution for drone hobbyists and enthusiasts, today revealed a compact 4-in-1 bag for DJI Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum. The Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel backpack maintains the high quality water resistant Nylon material used in previous products. To match up with the small size of the Mavic Pro, its interior is filled with hard and soft velcro dividers to perfectly fit the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo and extra accessories.

“We observed the use scenarios of many Mavic users. As a matter of fact, it is very common for them to take the drone, two or three batteries, the controller, and two sets of propellers to go for a one-hour flight,” said Gray Thompson, senior product manager at Lykus, “A small backpack or a cross body bag that can store these items plus one or two pockets for personal items will be ideal for these light trips.”

Besides the main compartment, the bag provides two pockets on the back of the cover to store up to 9.7-inch iPad, propellers, and small pieces. The front of the bag is designed to resemble a cross body bag with a front pocket beneath a flip cover. This style adds a sense of leisure and fashion that is compatible with the light trip bag definition. At the same time, these extra pockets are good for personal items such as phone, wallet, and keys.

At this size and capacity, the bag can be carried in 4 forms with the included straps - backpack/case/shoulder bag/cross body bag - to meet different needs and preferences. In terms of other convenient features, there’s also a strap on the back of the bag to tie to a rolling luggage bag’s stick. An anti-water cover is also included.

“We hope this is the bag everyone’s been waiting for and that it can make it easier for Mavic owners to fly more like we do.” The Lykus M1 bag is now launched for sale on and at $59.99.


About Lykus

Lykus is a brand that designs and manufactures consumer drone carry and storage solutions for drone hobbyists and enthusiasts. As avid drone players who also came from newbies, we understand the variety of needs to store and carry drones, accessories, and other devices for new and advanced users.

Our mission is to empower drone owners, new or advanced, to comfortably take their drones around and enjoy all the fun drones can bring.

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