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Store Mavic Mini Unfolded - Titan MM100 Case Launched

Titan MM100

Irvine Calif. – Lykus, an innovative provider of drone carry and storage solution for drone hobbyists and enthusiasts, today launched a uniquely designed case for DJI's latest creation - Mavic Mini. The greatest feature of this case is its capability to store Mavic Mini unfolded with propeller guards installed. Pilots can fly the drone and pack it in seconds.

“What we really like about Mavic Mini is that it's so small and you can fly it even in the office,” said Gray Thompson, senior product manager at Lykus, “That said, we know pilots would want to quickly send it up and pack everything when done, especially in public places. Also important is the propeller guards that can protect the drone. But unfortunately the DJI bag in the Fly More Combo can't take everything.”

The case can store Mavic Mini, up to 6 batteries (one in the drone), remote controller, charging hub, propeller guards, cables, charger, propellers, filters, and other accessories. The case itself maintains the great features of the Titan cases and offers top-notch user experience and quality.

Lykus Titan MM100 case is for sale in Lykus store and other worldwide online stores. For more information, visit


About Lykus

Lykus is a brand that designs and manufactures consumer drone carry and storage solutions for drone hobbyists and enthusiasts. As avid drone players who also came from newbies, we understand the variety of needs to store and carry drones, accessories, and other devices for new and advanced users. Currently our products are used and trusted by pilots over 30 countries in the world.

Our mission is to empower drone owners, new or advanced, to comfortably take their drones around and enjoy all the fun drones can bring.

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Bought the 4410 hard case for my Godox AD200 (2sets) and they both fit in the case perfectly. Seals well and the cubes tear where you want them to.

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