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Air 2S and DJI RC case: MA230 upgrade

Not too long ago DJI upgraded Air 2S to make it compatible with the new DJI RC remote controller. It seems that DJI is promoting DJI RC against the more expensive RC Pro since it had already made DJI RC work with Mavic 3 earlier and Mavic 3 Classic at launch.

We were not aware of this change as soon as it took place. But thanks to customers' feedbacks, we saw the demand. To adapt to this change, we made a padding for MA230 case to make it fit DJI RC. This way, MA230 case can fit either RC Pro or DJI RC.

There's one operational issue. As of the writing of this blog, MA230's stock at Amazon doesn't contain the padding yet. However, customers can order there and contact us via Amazon, our support email, or our site. We will send the padding for free.

Once the old stock runs out, new stock will include the padding. Pictures on Amazon will be updated accordingly.


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