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That's why a hard case matters - true story

Some pilots just live with the stock bag in DJI's drone package and others hesitate over a hard case or soft case when they shop cases. They probably never expect anything bad would happen to their drones. But it just happened to a seasoned photographer John Harris (Ins: who agreed that we share his recent story:

Here's what the case looks like after the runover.

The case he's using is Lykus Titan MA230 case. It was indeed cracked badly on the side but luckily the RC Pro controller and batteries were not harmed, thanks to the case's hard shell as well as the foam inside. This living example shows a) accidents do happen to drones even as extreme as run over by a truck and b) how important a quality hard case is in protecting drone and accessories in the field. A hard case may not guarantee to keep all the items from getting damaged in every scenario, but it at least increases the chances or lessens the degree compared to other storage types.

Thank John for sharing his story with us, which makes us feel our job is valuable and we are fulfilling our mission!


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